Friday, July 17, 2009

Food Preferences Changing

I've only been doing alternate day fasting for 9 days, but I'm noticing my food preferences are changing. I have to admit, at first I saw this as a license to eat anything I wanted. And I did. Eating candy, french fries, corn chips and potato chips, along with more healthy fare.

Now I'm noticing that my desire for those junk foods is decreasing drastically. It may be because I was already eating a mostly paleolithic type diet before I started intermittent fasting. But even my desire for Diet Dr. Pepper, which used to be my favorite "cheat," is going away. I'd rather have water. I also seem to have less taste for carbs in general.

And in case you're not up on the research, it's been known literally for decades that carbohydrates are what cause obesity and Type II diabetes. The fact that this is even debated, and that Dr. Atkins was ripped to shreds by the medical establishment, is a travesty. The science was documented expertly by Gary Taubes in his book, Good Calories Bad Calories. The book is a must read for anyone serious about the link between health and nutrition.

So my new found penchant for healthy, low carb food is a definite benefit of ADF. I look forward to seeing what other effects come about.

Bon repos,


  1. I skipped on over here from rachel's site on intermittent fasting. Very good blog. I wish you had a follower's section so your updates would automatically appear on the blog roll. Many people are fasting these days, and i'm sure they would love to share your journey!

  2. ditto with anneh, ill just place this lovely link right on my "fasting stuff" link list. you are gifted writer and communicator and your journey with inflammation will be one for the history books! the IFing community needs such professional documentations of personal healing and recovery! thanks for sharing tom!

  3. Anne,

    I added a follower's section. I'm still new at this, so I'm learning all the blogging tricks of the trade. Thank you for pointing it out. I can use all the help I can get!