Sunday, July 19, 2009

Intermittent Fasting is Soooooo Easy!

I've just passed the 19 hour mark of today's 24 hour water only fast. It is remarkable to me how easy it is. I'm not hungry in the slightest.

I actually find the fasting periods to be much easier than the eating ones. How so? Because when I'm eating, I'm constantly thinking/worried about getting enough calories (remember, I'm thin). So I end up forcing myself to eat, even though I'm not very hungry. That causes a certain amount of stress.

By contrast, when I'm fasting, I have no worries. I have more time, spend less money, and less stress.

Don't get me wrong: That first meal after the fast is always a good one, no matter what it consists of. I usually start to feel a little hunger around hour 21 or 22. So by the time I eat, I'm ready, and it tastes good.

Perhaps as I get further along this journey, I will stop worrying about getting enough calories, and just eat when I want to during my eating days. As long as my weight stays at a reasonable level, that would be the ideal.

Interestingly, others have tried this 24/24 style of alternate day fasting, and have had a very difficult time with it. One popular low carb blogger, Jimmy Moore, tried it and absolutely hated it. He found himself ravenously hungry, grouchy, unable to concentrate, and he completely gorged himself when he finally got to eat. See his comments here

I'm not sure if Jimmy just didn't give it enough time, or if it's just proof of the expression you often see on internet boards related to diet: YMMV (your mileage may vary).

Bon repos,


  1. Tom - thanks for adding the box - now let's watch it fill in!
    I LOVE intermittent Fasting. Nothing in the world has ever made me feel so good! MOST of the time it is effortless for me.
    I AM trying to lose weight. IF is my secret weapon!
    ps - that's cute and true: your milage may vary!

  2. milage may vary, very fitting. i have to work at not being dogmatic towards those that don't believe in IF, or lending rx's to those who want advice. your approach and attitude is so refreshing.

    jm, hmmmm, seems to be just another person who's system doesnt sit well with it. probably jumped in too quick. with me, IFing did just the opposite of Jms experience. i felt profound relief when i "gave myself permission, not to eat". another ori quote!

  3. Hey Tom your blog is brilliant! Thanks to Rachel421 for pointing me in this direction.
    I have found that people who do low carb eating and feel "optimum"on that, report that IF makes them feel like crap. Even if I do low carb I never get in the optimum state I do after a longish fast.

    Good stuff, look forward to reading more.

  4. Tom, like you, I enjoy the fasting time. It's not that I don't enjoy eating, but I am not hungry or worried about the food when I am fasting.

  5. Your experience is very similar to mine. I've also documented my results with intermittent fasting, and the 21-22 hour mark seems familiar:

    I can relate to your problem of maintaining adequate calories while on IF. As much as I love to eat during the eating periods, sometimes I find myself worrying about getting enough calories. Lately, though, that hasn't been a problem, as I've actually gained a few kilos on IF. This despite the fact that my diet is low in carbohydrates.